• Image of Pum Pum Pouch/ Vaginal Steam

The perfect way to add to add to your personal care routine. Vaginal steams are a ancient method of cleaning, detoxing, and caring for the womb. The special mix and all natural herbs in yarrow, pink roses, lemongrass, lavender, mug wort, red roses, rosemary, calendula, jasmine, and motherwort provide the perfect blend. Vaginal steams can be done in the home, over a sterile area and over the toilet, with a sterile boil and water that is not hot enough to burn your skin. Avoid direct contact and check the water temperature before beginning.

Candela- heals scar tissue
Rosemary-is an antiseptic and treats bacteria
Lavender- supports healing and relaxes you
Mugwort- balances hormones and opens pores to allow steam in
Yarrow- cleanses, great for uterine health

A leaflet will be included with all of this info.